Text Messaging
Alerts, Coupons, Information...

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Adheadz Stimulates Mobile Participation and Alternative Revenue Generation Through Mobile Technology

As a leading technology service provider for the Mobile Channel, Adheadz offers an al a carte approach to mobile technologies and services for hassle free execution and maintenance of Mobile Channel Strategies throughout the world.

Adheadz offers comprehensive solutions and professional services support to maximize the monetization, brand recognition and customer interaction through the Mobile Channel. The solutions were designed to let the Client easily and cost effectively execute on their Mobile Channel Strategy.

Our mission at Adheadz is to offer technology solutions that are not expensive or difficult for Client's to execute a Mobile Channel Strategy.

Stimulate Mobile Participation and Alternative Revenue Generation Through...

...Text Messaging

...Mobile Payments

...Mobile Coupons

...Mobile Web Sites (WAP)

...Ringtones and Wallpapers

...Mobile Music - Full Track Downloads

...Mobile Video - Download and Streaming

...User Generated Content

...Mobile Content Communities


World Class Technology Combined With Industry Experience is Invaluable...

...Adheadz started eight years ago with a direct to consumer PC based application called Create-Ringtone (, which allows consumers and business to create and send ringtones to phones around the world. The application continues to sell today in retail stores and by electronic download throughout the world.

Adheadz has continued to develop mobile applications tailored to the ever expanding need to interact with the phone. Today, Adheadz has a comprehensive tool box of Mobile Channel applications, spanning from Text Messaging to Mobile Phone Applications.

Over the last ten years, the Management Team of Adheadz has built several very successful technology and service based companies. The companies created and maintained Enterprise, Internet and Mobile applications, including Email, Chat, Text and Voice Messaging, Customer Relationship Management Information Systems, Content Management Web Sites, Community Based Web Sites and Server, PC and Mobile Applications.


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